Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wrecked by Anna Davies

Rating: Dull Eyed - 2/5
Release Date: May 1st, 2012
Publishers: Simon & Schuster 
Pages: 336
Source: Bought
Series: Stand Alone!

First, a quick summary from Goodreads:
"Secrets of the sea have never been sexier than this. 
Ever since the death of her parents, Miranda has lived on Whym Island, taking comfort in the local folklore, which claims a mysterious sea witch controls the fate of all on the island and in its surrounding waters. Sometimes it’s just easier to believe things are out of your control.     
But then a terrible boating accident takes the lives of several of her friends, and Miranda is rescued by a mysterious boy who haunts her dreams. Consumed by guilt from the accident, she finds refuge in late-night swims—and meets Christian, a boy who seems eerily familiar, but who is full of mystery: He won’t tell her where he is from, or why they can only meet at the beach. But Miranda falls for him anyway…and discovers that Christian’s secrets, though meant to protect her, may bring her nothing but harm."
First, let me start off this review by saying that the jacket of the book is lying when it names Wrecked as "sexy." In fact, Wrecked isn't really anything. I don't mean this in a rude or mean way, more like nothing really special happens in this book. The plots there, the characters are there, the development was... Kind of there. It's just that nothing really jumped out at me and demanded my attention. There was nothing about Wrecked that made me go, "That did not just happen!" or "I absolutely love this!" and stuff like that.

Half way through the book I still felt as if nothing had happened to really further the plot and the love interest between the two main characters continued to boggle me. I didn't know why Christian liked Miranda so much, and while it's not really much more clear as to why Miranda likes Christian either.

I also felt like this book was just one big advertisement for... Whatever fit into the moment. I can't really remember what they were, but I do believe they mention Coke and Diet Coke among lots of other products and boats and cars and... It was just a mess of ads. It felt like one of those music videos where they keep flashing to whatever product was placed into the shot - which, I don't know about you, but really annoys me.

All in all, Wrecked was an alright read with nothing really special to report about. I mean, I didn't hate it... It's more of a book that I would kind of just shrug my shoulders to.


  1. I've heard mixed reviews for Wrecked so I'm not too surprised to hear that you felt the same way. It's too bad because the premise is intriguing enough... Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lex!

    1. Yeah... It probably has one of the lowest ratings on Goodreads that I've ever seen! I wouldn't suggest checking it out, but if you just can't help it I would see if a near-by library has it on their shelves :P