Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Revived by Cat Patrick

Rating: Starry Eyed - 5/5
Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Publishers: Little, Brown
Pages: 336
Source: Bought
Series: Stand Alone

First, a quick summary from Goodreads:
"As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life.
A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived five times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency's true goals, she realizes she's at the center of something much larger — and more sinister — than she ever imagined."
When I first read the summary for this book, I knew without a doubt that I absolutely HAD to get my hands on a copy of Revived. Well, I finally have, and let me tell you how much I absolutely loved this book!

The pacing was amazing, it never had a dull moment. The characters were lovable, I was emotionally invested in every single one of them. And it had short chapters! The one thing that I absolutely love about a book no matter the circumstances is short chapters!

Daisy was such a likable character. She had a good head on her shoulders, she had a love for Matt, Audrey and her dad that I felt right along with her. Patrick has a way of taking your emotions, tying them with strings and controlling them like puppets. All throughout Revived my emotions were at complete and utter mercy of Patrick from the first page to the last.

Something that I found somewhat creepy about the book is the nickname that the participants of the Revived program gave to their manager; "God." I don't know about you, but giving someone that nickname who can bring back the dead... It just gave me the shivers.

All in all, Revived is a spectacular sci-fi - that's right sci-fi (not a dystopian book by a long shot!) - that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to finish that has me marking down Patrick as one of my favourite author's and I can't wait to check out her first book, Forgotten.

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