Sunday, 2 March 2014

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

Winterling by Sarah PrineasRating: 3/5

Cute, quick and easy to read. This book was fun and entertaining and I liked reading it. :)

Jennifer (or "Fer") is often pestered, teased and even bullied at school. Because of this, Fer often feels like she doesn't fit in. And she is right on more levels than she knows...

After having a rough day at school, Fer decides to take the long way home so she can en

joy the outdoors more than usual since her Grand-Jane keeps her under lock and key at home. Upon coming home, Fer's Grand-Jane gets angry and scolds her for arriving home late. Coming home to this after her already stressful day at school, Fer escapes the house the first chance she gets. Feeling alone and isolated, she runs into the forest near their house until she fins a small pond that is just like her. Alone and isolated.

Collapsing in front of the pond, Fer touches the surface of the pond to cool off and... Falls into a whole new world.

This is where things take off. Fer meets Rook and the Lady of the Land and is quickly whisked away on an adventure of self-discovery and bravery.

As I said in my little mini-review at the top... This book is fun and cute and easy to read... And it's not really much else. It's not life-altering. It's not heart-shattering, but it's not a book that you make you feel with your whole heart, either.

However, that is not to say that this book is not at least a little bit of each of these things. WINTERLING is a fun book that would be great to introducing someone in this age group (8-12) to the world of reading. Again, it was nice, fun, cute & quick to read. :)

I liked Winterling and that's about that. :)

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