Thursday, 24 May 2012


    by Maggie Stiefvater
4/5 Wide Eyes 

First, a quick summary from Goodreads:
"Grace and Sam share a kinship so close they could be lovers or siblings. But they also share a problem. When the temperature slips towards freezing, Sam reverts to his wolf identity and must retreat into the woods to protect his pack. He worries that eventually his human side will fade away and he will be left howling alone at the lonely moon."
Okay, so you are probably thinking no more werewolves! I know how you feel; I was there. But then I read Shiver. This book delivers a refreshing new take on the werewolf scene as well as a beautiful and tragic account of a love that transcends species. All I could think about was how perfect Sam and Grace were together, and how heartbreaking it was that one or the other couldn't change their species. This book made me laugh, cry and hope for a miracle for the characters. It may sound corny but Shiver, did give me shivers!

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