Friday, 17 August 2012

Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer

Rating: Wide Eyed - 4/5
Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Publishers: Kensington
Pages: 50
Source: Bought
Series: Elemental #0.5 

First, a quick summary from Goodreads:
"As an air Elemental, 17-year-old Emily Morgan doesn’t have much power. That’s okay—she knows what happens to kids who do.
Like Michael Merrick. He’s an earth Elemental, one with enough power to level cities. Which makes him sexy. Dangerous. And completely off limits. At least according to Emily’s family.
But her summer job puts her in close contact with Michael, and neither of them can help the attraction they feel. When forces of nature like theirs collide, one misstep could get someone killed. Because Emily’s family doesn’t just want her to stay away from him.
They want him dead."

A Mini Review For A Mini Book! 

Elemental was surprisingly edge-of-your-seat worth for such a short novella! The relationship between the two characters was built up really well for the small number of pages. I was glad to see that at least one of the Morgan's wasn't all bad. 

If you're thinking of reading this book before Storm, I would suggest that you wait till afterwards. While it doesn't really spoil it, it does take away from some of the doubt and mystery that Storm aims to achieve.

In the end, Elemental is a short, entertaining read that will help put your Merrick craving at ease. :)

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